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outboundANI is an outbound optimization company with tools that enable outbound call centers to manage, track, and optimize the effectiveness, lifespan, and return, of each individual ANI in their inventory.  The results that our customers enjoy?  A decrease in carrier problems, an increase in contact rates and quality of contact, and a lift in production and efficiency.

Founded by long time technologists and call center professionals, our solutions aim to solve many long standing and complex industry problems, in a creative, unique, practical, and reliably effective manner.

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CEO, Founding Principal

Jason is a long time technologist, with a history of developing disruptive technologies in the realms of ecommerce and marketing, and now in the realm of call center.


A programmer at heart, Jason will be on the phone with clients one minute, on stage at a trade show the next, outside practicing Tai Chi the next, and suddenly locked in a room until 3 am writing .Net code the next...


COO, Founding Principal

Fabiano is a long time technologist, with a strong history of building complex CRM solutions, call center and marketing tools, and custom Salesforce applications.


An aeronautical engineer from Brazil, Fabiano has built custom solutions for companies like Embraer International, Quinstreet, and a list of others too long to mention here...


Vice President, Sales

Sandy brings over 20 years of contact center technology and sales leadership experience to outboundANI. Sandy built the Account Management organization at PossibleNOW, and from there, joined the budding Enterprise Account Management team at Five9, most recently serving as the Regional Director for the EMEA and Southeast account teams.


Sandy is fiercely dedicated to her customers' and team members' success, and to the the advancement of contact centers.

Bruno Rosa CRM
Chaz Lamere Support and Integrations
Ryan Shatzkamer Support


Creative Lead - outboundANI CRM

Bruno is an incredibly talented developer and designer who has spent the last five years specializing in the development and design of custom CRMs. Bringing with him his vast experience and creative skills, Bruno is now embarking on a new journey with outboundANI.  Beyond his professional endeavors, Bruno is a passionate individual with diverse hobbies. He finds solace in caring for his collection of bonsai trees and tending to his flourishing garden. When he’s not immersed in the world of technology, Bruno can be found exploring the great outdoors on his mountain bike or indulging in his love for woodworking.


Senior Integration and Support Specialist

With over a decade in IT and telecom, Chaz Lamere is a versatile and determined problem solver, with hands on experience ranging from enterprise scale dialer administration, to Python programming, to robotics. He has personally built and managed outbound contact centers running on Five9 and ViciDial.


In his role as integration and support specialist, Chaz brings his years of knowledge and experience in outbound dialing to each and every contact center running the outboundANI platform.


Level I Support and Integration Specialist

Ryan Scott is an incredibly talented 18 year old, fresh out of high school, and overflowing with talent, intelligence, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Ryan started his first company at 16 years old, creating short form video ads for local businesses in his home town, and most recently created a stock trading application built on Python, and leveraging the ChatGPT API.


Ryan brings his youth, energy, and creative problem solving to outboundANI's customer base. We are excited to see what else Ryan can bring as he grows into his role with the Company.

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Senior Integration and Support Specialist

With over a decade of experience as a campaign and division manager, Kenny is adept at orchestrating seamless operations and optimizing team performance. His expertise includes client onboarding, campaign management, data oversight, and fostering cross-functional collaboration and support in any way the organization needs.


Kenny is dedicated to leading high-impact teams and steering visionary strategies for success.


Manager, Carrier Registrations

Gail Freiberger is a long time industry veteran, starting her contact center career in the mortgage industry with Nations Bank, and then spending several years in mortgage and collections with Bank of America.


Working from home since COVID, Gail now manages outboundANI's team of registration specialists, coordinating the link between outboundANI's customers, and the nationwide network of telephone carriers and service providers.

Kevin Shatzkamer Advisory Board Chair
Alan Zoldos Advisory Board
Joe Kalinoski Advisory


outboundANI Advisory Chair

Aside from being our founder's more impressive little brother, Kevin is currently Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation with LLMs, CAI and GenAI at Google. In this role, Kevin plays an integral role in helping the largest telecommunications providers in the world through industry-defining transformations, from beginning to end. Kevin holds a Master's of Engineering Management degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana University, and a Bachelor's of Engineering degree from University of Florida...


outboundANI Advisory Member

A long time sales leader, Al is currently President at Upsite Technologies, and is the former National VP of Sales for Corporate Express / Staples Technology Solutions. Al and Jason worked together  directly for over a decade, where Al mentored Jason in sales, customer service, and most important, how to never lose sight of one's values in the process. Always and unwaveringly taking the "high road", outboundANI is fortunate to have Al on the team...


outboundANI Advisory Member

A long time trusted friend and colleague, Joe brings a wealth of corporate finance and governance expertise to our board. Formerly VP Finance at ConAgra Foods, VP Finance at Corporate Express, and CFO at Brightstar, Joe's willingness to guide us through this period of rapid growth will help ensure a stable and secure corporate structure for the organization going forward.

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In addition to the above, outboundANI's customer service , implementation, and support teams are second to none - 100% are call center industry veterans of at least a decade. No matter who picks up the phone @ outboundANI when you call, you will be speaking to someone who "gets it"...

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