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outboundIQ Services and Tools

outboundANI is our core offering, automating ANI selection and lifting contact rates. 

In addition, we offer a suite of enhanced services and an ever growing set of automation utilities to supercharge and streamline your outbound operations

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outboundANI - Contact Rate Optimization

outboundANI integrates directly inside your dialer, scanning your catalogue of wholly-owned phone numbers.  Machine learning algorithms automatically assign optimal ANIs from your inventory to each dial and respond to disposition outcomes in real time.  Intelligent ANI assignment to every dial maximizes your contact potential down to the prospect level.  No administration required.

Never swap, randomly rotate, hard-code groups or local presence matching, ever again.

Robust dashboards allow you to monitor all aspects of performance both intraday and historically.

Dashboards, Reporting, and Full Inventory Management

Explore real time snapshots of contact and success rates per ANI, per time of day, per location, per agent, and across dialer campaigns, plus disposition stats

Historical data captures trending over time.

Review health and status of your ANIs and run planning tools to understand recommended inventory changes on the fly. 

Dialer Consulting Services

Designed to help customers with their end-to-end outreach strategy, starting with data management & including  all aspects of optimal dialer configuration. 


Our outbound experts go hands on and provide best practices guidance to your team.

Monthly retainer and project-based dialer implementation service options.

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Proprietary lead management engine to bridge the gap between your web sites and affiliates, and your dialer. 


Simple, easy to use, & straightforward toolset for managing lead sources, validation, caps, & deliveries for first party data generators. 


Options to add automated SMS and e-mail.

SMS and E-Mail Cadence Automation

Using outboundANILMS, establish automated email and SMS events triggered by disposition, timeframe, and current step in the customer journey.

Requires "bring your own" SMS carrier and email platform.

ComplianceCheck - DNCall Integration

Take advantage of outboundANI's  integration with PossibleNOW's DNCall to detect known litigators, scrub your fully subscribed national and state do not call lists, manage opt-in exemptions, identify wireless numbers, and more.

Fully automate the process from lead source, to DNCall scrub, to outboundANI instruction, to dialer.

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