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outboundANI is lead by a team of veteran call center industry experts and technologists.  Leveraging our tools and services, customers consistently experience a measurable lift in their contact rates, penetration rates, and output.

outboundIQ, our fully automated, data-driven, results-based engine integrates into your dialer to instruct optimal ANI assignment, both minimizing potential problems on the telephone networks and maximizing contact with every individual prospect in your database.  Paired with our Phone Number Registration and Dialer Optimization Consulting services, we address the multi-faceted challenges impacting your ability to contact from every possible angle.

Beyond contact rate optimization, our automation features and plug-and-play LMS further streamline your operation and supercharge your outbound effectiveness.




outboundANI's machine learning algorithms automatically change out problematic phone numbers and adjust strategy in real time based on dial outcomes. Improve contact rates immediately across all of your  dialer campaigns with outboundANI's revolutionary outboundIQ API, maximizing contact down to the individual prospect level.


Explore real time snapshots of contact and success rates per ANI, per time of day, per location, per agent, and across dialer campaigns, plus disposition stats

Historical data captures trending over time.

Review health and status of your ANIs and run planning tools to understand recommended inventory changes on the fly. 

ANI Performance Dashboard
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Automatically scan your dialer for proprietary phone numbers to enable dynamic utilization by outboundIQ, and for inclusion into our recurring registration services.




CEO, Founding Principal

Jason is a long time technologist, with a history of developing disruptive technologies in the realms of ecommerce and marketing, and now in the realm of call center. A programmer at heart, Jason will be on the phone with clients one minute, on stage at a trade show the next, outside practicing Tai Chi the next, and suddenly locked in a room until 3 am writing .Net code the next...


COO, Founding Principal

Fabiano is a long time technologist, with a strong history of building complex CRM solutions, call center and marketing tools, and custom Salesforce applications. An aeronautical engineer from Brazil, Fabiano has built custom solutions for companies like Embraer International, Quinstreet, and a list of others too long to mention here...


Vice President, Sales

Sandy brings over 20 years of contact center technology and sales leadership experience to outboundANI. Sandy built the Account Management organization at PossibleNOW, and from there, joined the budding Enterprise Account Management team at Five9, most recently serving as the Regional Director for the EMEA and Southeast account teams.




Five9 ISV Partner
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"We just wanted to take a minute to pause and thank you for your immeasurable contributions not only with your products, but the time and initiative you take to help us maximize our potential.  Your contributions are so beyond appreciated and noted and we have a tremendous amount of respect for you.  All the best"

Superior Softwash

"outboundANI is a prized partner.  Their team went beyond the simple scope of the job to integrate their platform into our Five9 dialer and made it a bigger success than we expected.  Their work ethic is refreshing.  I will look to them and their expertise as our call center grows"

The Federal Savings Bank

"Since working with outboundANI, we have seen over a 300% lift in our contact rates in one of the most competitive verticals there is – the mortgage industry.  In addition, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of leads we purchase, saving us thousands of dollars.  Lastly, due to this solution, the quality of our borrows has significantly increased due to them not be contacted by competitors.   Although skeptical at first, Jason and his team have more than exceeded all my expectations.  This is a game-changing solution for anyone who is trying to get ahold of a lot of people."

Marquis Dental

"The team at outboundANI has been nothing short of extraordinary. From our initial consultation on how best to utilize their services, to implementation and now day to day operations, Jason and his team have made our integration seamless, painless and most importantly successful. We have been able to reduce manual processes and maximize production. As an added plus, the team is EXTREMELY responsive and always go above and beyond. Looking forward to a long and successful business relationship!"

Saddle Rock Legal

"I have worked with outboundANI for many months now. First of all, they're a passionate team who trealy cares about their clients and love the work they do. Due to this passion, they don't leave any stone unturned to try and help us improve our outbound call efficacy. Our contact rates doubled within the first month of working with them. We were ecstatic! Then, the following month our contact rates doubled again. Since then we've continued to tweak and test new techniques never being content with current performance. Our contact rates are still improving month over month. I'd highly recommend anyone needing help managing your outbound call strategies to work with the team at outboundANI. They're world class and you won't be disappointed!"

Wintek USA

"I'm thrilled to share my experience with outboundANI. Within a remarkably short span of time, they transformed our telemarketing department's 1% connect rate into an impressive 30%. The impact they've made is undeniable, and we wholeheartedly endorse their services. If you're seeking a remarkable boost in your telemarketing performance, OutboundANI is an exceptional choice. Highly recommended."


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The brainchild of seasoned technologists and call center professionals, outboundANI's suite of solutions was meticulously crafted to tackle some of the most daunting and intricate challenges facing the outbound calling industry.  With a unique, data-driven approach, outboundANI offers reliable and highly effective solutions that address critical issues, thereby creating a significant impact on your business's success.

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