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We Lift Contact Rates.

outboundANI was developed by the team of veteran call center industry experts and technologists at outboundIQ.  Leveraging our tools and services, customers consistently experience a measurable lift in their contact rates, penetration rates, and output.

Our fully automated, data-driven, results-based engine integrates into your dialer to instruct optimal ANI assignment, both minimizing potential problems on the telephone networks and maximizing contact with every individual prospect in your database.  Paired with supporting services from outboundIQ, including our Phone Number Registration and Dialer Optimization Consulting services, we address the multi-faceted challenges impacting your ability to contact from every possible angle.

Beyond contact rate optimization, outboundIQ's automation features and plug-and-play LMS further streamline your operation and supercharge your outbound effectiveness.


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Automated ANI Inventory Management

Integrated directly inside your dialer.  Machine Learning algorithms automatically instruct optimal phone numbers *from your owned inventory and respond to outcomes in real time.  Intelligent ANI assignment to every dial maximizes your contact potential.  Zero administration.


No More Swaps

Your phone number assets are healed and protected from inside the dialer, while registration services advocate on the outside with carriers. 


Your healthy, high performing numbers should not be swapped.


Plan for the Future

Review the health and status of your ANIs.  Run planning tools to understand recommended inventory changes on the fly.


No More Manual ANI Settings

outboundANI dynamically leverages your entire number inventory to select the optimal ANI on each dial. 


You will NEVER have to hard code ANI groups, defaults, map local touch, or set up rotation or rest protocols EVER again.


Performance Monitoring

Intraday dashboards of contact and success rates per ANI, per time of day, per location, per agent, and across dialer campaigns, plus disposition stats.  

Historical reports visualize your performance trends over time.


Results You can Feel

Higher contact rates, better performance, real ROI

outboundANI Contact Rate Hub
outboundANI Utilization
Higher contact rates, better performance, real ROI

* outboundANI does not condone or support "rented" or "temporary" ANIs.  We require that customers fully own the phone numbers utilized for our intelligent ANI instruction process and we validate that through our integration.  Further, we do not recommend swapping or changing ANIs as discussed in a recent blog post found here

Integrated Dialers

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Strategic Partners

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