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Election Day

Political outreach will never be the same

2024 is shaping up to be a banner election year, in which direct communication with voters is critical.  With outboundANI you can navigate the challenging communication ecosystem.  We help you reach more constituents  so that your voice, your cause, your candidate can be heard.

2020 Election Results Map by Area Code

(Zoom and Click For Historical Details and Outcomes)

Custom Strategies Per Campaign

outboundANI automatically customizes ANI strategy based on your unique campaign, and goals of your calling campaign...

outboundANI 2024 Elections

Define Candidate

Define the candidate profile, including specific race, scope, and party affiliation...

Configure Goal

Tell outboundANI whether your campaign is seeking votes or seeking money...

Optimize Contact

Automatically optimize ANI inventory to penetrate the areas your party previously WON, or the areas your party previously LOST...

outboundANI 2024 Elections
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